1.28 Carat Cushion Cut Nigeria Sapphire

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Cushion Cut Sapphire Details

Shape Cushion
Carat 1.28
Color Dark Blue
Clarity Included
Origin Nigeria
Treatment None known
Size 5.96 x 5.95 x 4.22
Availability Seattle Store

The Nigerian Sapphire Initiative

Sapphires discovered in this region of the world tend to darker tones, especially deep teal to blue. From Victorian-era jewelry to contemporary design, sapphires are a favorite gemstone for bridal pieces to last the ages. A gem variety of corundum, sapphire gets its colors from subtle differences in chemical composition, such as varying amounts of iron or titanium. This produces colors that range from deep and inky to lighter tones, with a cool iridescent sparkle.

Green Lake’s Nigerian Sapphire Initiative is an organized effort to support the sustainable development of small-scale mining communities with investments in health, safety and education. In 2018, Green Lake financed the geophysical survey, drilling and equipment for a well to provide safe drinking water to one of the main mining communities from where thee shop sources sapphire rough. Proceeds from the sale of these sapphires go to support education in the form of books, safety with updated tools and techniques, and health with access to clean water and modern medicine. Visit NigerianSappireInitiative.org to learn more.


Above and Beyond® Natural Nigerian Sapphires

Supporting safe mining and cutting in-house.

As Americas premier custom jeweler, we are well known for our picky eye and demanding standards. We offer only the best quality natural fancy Nigerian Sapphires. Our focus on cut grade and choosing the most colorful and cutting in house means our inventory of Montana Sapphires is better.

Yes, we keep the majority of our gemstones, including our Nigerian Collection, in our inventory so we can hand select only the best and leave the rest to the mass merchandisers.

Most online jewelers don't own any Nigerian sapphires, don't support Nigerian miners, don't cut in-house and all list pretty much the same few, almost all sitting in vaults in gem dealers offices.