0.74 Carat Round Cut Canada Diamond

Very Good Cut | E Color | VVS1 Clarity

Also inscribed with a maple leaf symbol and NWT3-15055 *NO HARD COPY OF EITHER CERT*
SkU : PPV101420
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Round Cut Diamond Details

SKU PPV101420
Shape Round
Carat 0.74
Color E
Clarity VVS1
Cut Grade Very Good
Polish Very Good
Symmetry Very Good
Origin Canada
Treatment None known
Size 5.78 x 5.83 x 3.56
Availability Bellevue Store


GIA 12889588 ins

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Diamonds + The Kimberly Process

Green Lake’s collection of diamonds only maintain gems with certifications from the GIA or other internationally recognized laboratories, all with an assurance of the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme — the UN resolution passed in 2000 to ensure ‘conflict diamonds’ do not enter the global supply chain.


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As Americas premier custom jeweler, we are well known for our picky eye and demanding standards. We offer only the best quality natural diamonds. Our focus on cut grade and cherry picking the most eye clean of each grade means our inventory of natural diamonds is better.

Yes, we keep the majority of our gemstones, natural diamonds included, in our inventory so we can hand select only the best and leave the rest to the mass merchandisers.

Most online diamond companies don't own any diamonds, they all list pretty much the same ones, almost all sitting in vaults overseas.

Certified Canadian Diamonds

Canadian diamonds are mined in the hinterlands near the Arctic Circle, with great attention paid toward minimal environmental impact. Many mines operate using wind and other renewable energies, and are mandated to incorporate complex systems that protect surrounding waterways. Delivered with fair labor practices, Canada is the only producer that guarantees the origin of its diamonds, as is detailed on your certificate.

Canadian diamond in the rough is a beautiful crystalline form, recognized by experts as an especially white diamond, lustrous and filled with a brilliant fire.