1.26 Carat Round Cut Lab Diamond

D Color | VVS2 Clarity

SkU : PRE0322R

Scintillion™ Lab Diamonds are cut with a unique design that maximizes brilliance and fire.

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Round Cut Lab Diamond Details

Shape Round
Carat 1.26
Color D
Clarity VVS2
Cut Grade
Polish Excellent
Symmetry Excellent
Treatment None known
Size 6.9 x 6.96 x 4.25
Availability Seattle Store


IGI LG627433248 ins

Only Green Lake Jewelry Works offers
certified Scintillion™ Laboratory Grown Diamonds.

Scintillion diamond

Your custom ring design has been uniquely crafted just for you, why shouldn't your center stone? Our gorgeous Scintillion™ Laboratory Grown Diamond features 89 carefully placed facets to create the perfect sparkle.

The Scintillion™ cut was designed by a second generation master cutter with over 50 years of experience creating incredible diamonds. An array of additional culet facets maximize scintillation - the small intense sparkle effect seen in faceted laboratory grown and natural diamonds that makes them so beautiful - and has excellent performance in virtually all light sources, setting it apart from the traditional round cut.

See this diamond in-person at our Bellevue and Seattle studios to compare it with a more traditional cut, or see both faceting patterns side-by-side here.