4.03 Carat Emerald Cut Cut Untreated Sapphire

This beautifully cut sapphire is a stunning split between primarily yellow and green, with zones of teal connecting the two.
SkU : RJG0324B
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Emerald Cut Cut Sapphire Details

Shape Emerald Cut
Carat 4.03
Color Parti
Clarity Eye clean
Treatment Untreated
Size 10.04 x 6.94 x 5.14
Availability Seattle Store


CGL 202403307938


From Victorian-era jewelry to contemporary design, sapphires are a favorite gemstone for bridal pieces to last the ages. A gemstone from the mineral variety corundum, sapphire gets its blue hue from the element titanium as the crystal develops over eons, deep within the earth’s crust. Subtle differences in chemical composition, such as varying amounts of iron, can produce colors that are deep and inky to others that are lighter, with a cool iridescent sparkle.


Above and Beyond® Natural Sapphires

Cherry picking the best and cutting in-house.

As Americas premier custom jeweler, we are well known for our picky eye and demanding standards. We offer only the best quality Natural Sapphires. Our focus on cut grade and choosing the most colorful and cutting in house means our inventory of Natural Sapphires is better.

Yes, we keep the majority of our gemstones, including our Blue and Natural Fancy Sapphire Collection, in our inventory so we can hand select only the best and leave the rest to the mass merchandisers.

Most online jewelers don't own many sapphires, don't support sapphire miners, don't cut in-house and all list pretty much the same few, almost all sitting in vaults in gem dealers offices.