Custom cast 950 palladium mounting with 4-prong setting & 6.3mm Round diamond . Mounting has raised shoulders with (4) openings on side faces. Each panel has (3) curl filigree pattern and (1) 1.5mm AA round, tube set ruby (0.06ctw). Top face of mounting has engraved Hebrew saying and vine pattern around shank with (2) flush set 1.75mm AA round rubies (0.04ctw) 1/2 way down shank on either side. Side faces of mounting have wheat pattern engraving and milgrain on edges. (ref #81276)

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What the Owner of this Piece says...

If you get the chance to work with Krista, do it!

She did an absolutely wonderful job on this project. She took everything I said (which was quite a bit!) and incorporated all of it into this beautiful ring.

Just about everything on the ring has some kind of significance. Probably the aspect that is most special to me is the diamond, which originally belonged to my grandmother. My mother very graciously allowed me to use the diamond for this ring, and I think brings a great deal of meaning and significance with it. The Hebrew saying is from Genesis two, and it says, essentially, 'they became one flesh'.
The rubies are in reference to Proverbs 31, which my mother asked me to memorize when I was a young teenager to aide me in my discernment of what kind of woman I should be looking for to marry, and I certainly believe my soon-to-be fiance meets the Proverbs 31 standard.

The vine that is engraved behind the Hebrew words is in reference to John 15, and the two rubies in the top face are intended to be fruit on the vine. Also, there are three vines, three stones visible from the top face, and three stones visible from each side face, and there are a total of seven stones.

I think that covers everything; if I remember something else I will report it here!

post by Stephen at 6/7/2011 6:30:31 AM