Custom 950 platinum ring holding a east/west orientated 4-prong set GLJW provided oval cut greenish blue sapphire center stone. This ring has a pierced interwoven vine design with french set diamonds on one side and a hand engraved branch pattern on the other side. There are hand fabricated leaves and filigree curls on the side face and under the center stone, there is a bezel set diamond within the leaves and filigree curls. The bottom of the shank has a hand engraved wood texture with a mountain range in the middle. This ring has milgrain on the inside top edge, a round shank and a high polish finish on the top half of the ring with a matte finish on the bottom. (ref #131334)

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GLJW Designer

Chelsea K


Michelle L
CAD Modeling
Dat Le
Accent Setting
Hand Fab
Hand Engraving
Stone Setting

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