- How do I use the custom design portfolio?

Create a Design Page
First Log in or create a Design Page account
Choose Jewelry Type
Then choose the type of jewelry to browse.
Create a Design Page
Pick a style that grabs you!
Choose Jewelry Type
Browse around a bit & save some notes about your Favorites.
Choose Jewelry Type
The detail pages have lots of information...

We've been told more than once than we make more fine quality, true custom jewelry than pretty much any shop in America... so there's lots to see!

- How do I request an estimation or consult with a designer?

- Can I choose my own Artist? How do I pick the right designer?

Of course you may choose your own designer, many of our clients are sent to us by friends who suggest their designer.... but don't worry; if you don’t have a preferred artist, we will match you up with a designer that seems to fit your request the best!.

- There are so many Choices! How do I narrow it down?

This is a big problem we have showing one of the worlds largest selection of real original designs online...
These are not just computer generated pictures, they are real Pieces we've made over the years...
For more filter options, try our search page. With our advanced search, you can choose lots of options to sort by.
One more thing... The whole idea isn't to find the perfect style for you... Why settle? pick some favorites & let our world class artists design you an original!

- Do you carry diamonds and other gemstones?

We have more than a thousand fine Gemstones on hand and sort through parcels & hand select just the right gemstones for our clients every day

- Not sure about the "start from Sctratch" Design process...

Browse our galleries & choose one of our ready to wear, in stock originals! We also have many of our signature original designs in stock, ready for you to add a few personal details to make a Unique piece just for you.
These design blanks are the perfect way to add a little filigree, hand engraving or extra diamonds to get an original design, personalized for you without starting from scratch.

- What if I want to order an item just as it is, or an in stock piece?

Add to cart, or even better, call, live chat or click the "Ask a Designer" button to make sure all the details (finger size, center stone, personalizations, etc.) are just right!